80% of all animals walk on six legs - that's insects - and there are 6 million species of them and they represent more biomass than we do. 

Of course we should eat insects. Ants, for example, are eaten worldwide. Some are roasted, in Mexico ant eggs of two types are considered caviar, in Augstralia some are mashed to make a drink, and in our Southwest, Mexico and Australia honeypot ants are dug and tossed down like luscious grapes. 

Bug farming represents food from small areas and few resources. It's no solo solution, but it's been practiced globally with local savvy and might allow some habitat to return to the plants and animals who need it. 

Here is Walter Tschinkel's photo of a "nest and burrow system of Florida harvester ants...many individuals cooperate to produce a deep and rhythmic architecture." Mike Hansell, Built by Animals

We have lots of harvester ants in the Southwest with beautiful castles under the ground. They are the biggest seed removers three seasons of the year. Wind and birds and mice do an excellent job all year round.

Ants are extraordinary and like us they live in large groups. Ants are related to wasps and bees. Long ago, they diversified as flowering plants arrived and also diversified. [We are related to baboons who we split from 30 million years ago and chimpanzees who we split from 6 million years ago. Unfortunately, in matters of stress, we never properly split from baboons. As Dorothy Cheney and Robert Seyfarth, Baboon Metaphysics, tell it, "Most of the problems facing baboons can be expressed in two words: other baboons."] Socially, in contrast, ants have worked things out. Their colonies act as unified entities. Their populations are huge. They solve very complex problems, at home and traveling. Cataglyphis ants navigate across the trackless blowing Sahara Desert. 

Hopi legend says the Ant People saved us, twice. The first people in the world, of different colors and different languages, felt themselves to be one. All ate and drank from Earth's bounty. Then Talker talked about differences and Beguiler beguiled, and the wickedness spread and finally the world had to be destroyed. But safety was given to good people. They were led by a star at night and a cloud by day to the Ant People who harbored them in their dwellings beneath the protective earth.