Gardening With Natives

Plants of the Southwest garden
Diversity gives strength and stability. That's why we offer vines, trees and herbs, grasses and vegetables, shrubs and wildflowers. We also offer vegetable and herb starts in season and seeds year round.

Our goal is good homes, good food, sweet leisure. Different plants prefer different places, and when plants are growing, everywhere the soil improves;  and more water is held in the soil.

Shade trees are worth many air conditioners; windbreaks are worth many heaters. We all want a forest of food. Give the rain that your home and driveway sheds to your trees and gardens, and make your home beautiful and comfortable with native plants that can thrive on their own once established.

We all want a forest of food.  Fruit and nut trees overhead, currents, berries, grapes and roses below, herbs and vegetables below them, carrots and beets down under. Insects and other animals, while munching away, are the best pollinators and seed replanters.  The food we grow is free of poisons and preservatives.  It's fresh and wholesome.

Start interconnected plantings and water catchments. And nature – dynamo that it is – takes over: self healing, self enriching.